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Genius Loci is an award winning Landscape Architecture practice with a wide range of experience in India and Asia.

We have done a wide range of projects In India and Singapore .

Genius Loci has close to 22 years of experience  and has worked with :

  • most of the leading architectural practices and developer- builders in South India 

  • several  Smart City and Public Park Commisions

  • in addition to private works for individuals.  

Our body of work over the years, in both Campus planning as well as Landscape design, covers a range of landscape  typologies -  residential ,institutional , educational ,commercial & recreational .

We at Genius Loci view ourselves as partners in the design process , with our clients, our community and our natural environment.



The Sohrabji Godrej CII Green Business Centre, Hyderabad was awarded the LEED Platinum rating by the GBC in 2002.


Meet the Team

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Arati Chari


Arati Chari is the founder and Principal Architect of Genius Loci,  and has an independent Landscape Architecture practice for  22 years.

She is a Bachelor of Architecture and a  Master of Landscape Architecture  from The School of Planning & Architecture  , New Delhi.

She  worked as a Landscape Architect with Shaheer Associates - New Delhi and later with   Belt Collins &  ICN International , Singapore.

She received the RR KABEL AWARD for upcoming landscape architect of the year 2005.

Professionally experienced in multidisciplinary Landscape projects of different scales and typologies ,  from concept to execution, she is a regular jury member for Final year students of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Delhi and School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai.

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Antony Raja


Antony Raja has a Diploma in Civil Engineering and  is well versed in the field of construction from his work experience of over 13 years in Architecture and construction. Antony is passionate about realistic 3D rendering , Landscape detailing and site supervision . 

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Mohana  holds a Diploma in Architecture and has a keen eye for design and  detail and looks for perfection and clarity in all her work. She is passionate about planting design.

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Planet is the heart and soul of Genius Loci . He ensures that he takes active part in all client meetings , and does not tolerate indiscipline in the office!


Ranjitha Manibala


Ranjitha is  a Landscape Architect   from School of Planning and Architecture - Vijayawada. She is passionate about Landscape design and Podium Landscapes . Her easy going and fun loving nature ensures projects get implemented smoothly and efficiently. 

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Padmasree is a Landscape Architect from the School of Architecture and Planning , Chennai. She is passionate about design , design detail and planting. She loves travelling to to off the beaten track places and exploring different cultures and landscapes.

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Harsana Sritharan


Harsana Sritharan  is an intern at Genius Loci and currently doing her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons.)  in University of Moratuwa, Srilanka. She is more into community oriented landscape designs and the environment.

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